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EV Day #17 – Paris

It suddenly occurred to me that I may have confused some of you with suddenly appearing again and beginning with days numbered like I’d been here all along, and thought maybe an explanation was called for.

The last few days in London I was so tired by the end of the day that I fell behind, thinking I’d get caught up in Italy.

Silly me. Although we technically had internet in the Italian hotels we stayed in, the bandwidth was not enough to be able to post pictures. Not even in the wee hours of the morning. It wasn’t even enough to download “a” picture, let alone post a blog. So, I got seriously behind.

I debated about just skipping ahead and beginning again where we are, but I’ve had a few people ask me to keep going, so I’m going to try! I think there will be internet issues on the river, as well, but here in Amsterdam, it seems to be smokin’ so here goes.

We never would have been brave enough to scoot across the channel to Paris by ourselves, but our friends in London speak French and thought tagging along with us sounded like fun. So, off we went!

The trip under the channel on the Eurostar was a kick – pretty quick, and with lovely scenery along the way, once we hit France. A quick taxi ride (and we were SOOOOOOOOO glad Jean and Tek were there to talk!) got us to out 1st stop – lunch in a darling French restaurant with lots of vegetarian choices (Jean searched it out – they are few and far between!) The waitress spoke English and was great about making sure we didn’t inadvertently order meat. We ended up with a luscious cheese and bread plate, and desserts that were amazing. And the wine…oh my. We DINED for hours.




Then it was off to catch the Big Bus for a tour of the city. Enroute we saw the funniest sight!


Yes, that’s a cat on a leash!

The whole afternoon I looked like this!


My camera was smoking! It practically wouldn’t click fast enough!

Notre Dame was THEE most incredible building I think I have ever seen. But then the amazing sky that was the back drop didn’t hurt. I could have taken dozens of photos just of it. Oh, wait! I did!



The Champs-Élysées was fun – lots of shops and cafes, and at the end, the Arc de Triomphe.



But the best for me was the Eiffel Tower, as I knew it would be.



I would have loved to have gone up into it. Kissing Mr. Tattered up there is one of the things on my bucket list, but I had to settle for a selfie close to it this trip.


There just aren’t enough hours in a day! But it gives me an excuse to go back!

There were just tons of monuments, bridges and gorgeous buildings. I’ll end with just a few.




Paris. What a wonderful surprise!

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  1. That is one well trained cat!

  2. I know, huh? It was just walking along like it does it all the time! I did a double-take when I realized it wasn’t a dog!

  3. Love the pics!! The internet is probably not the only thing that is “smokin” in Amsterdam. 😉 Lol can’t wait to hear about your time there. It’s a cute city isn’t?!


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