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FINALLY! EV Day #16 – Tea With The Queen (not really!)

We went our separate ways again today…

There was another museum Mr. Tattered wanted to go to that I wasn’t really interested in. So we parted ways. I got off the tube first!


I didn’t really have a plan, so I just set out to see where the wind might take me, and ended up having tea with the Queen. Well, not WITH the Queen…just popped by to see Buckingham Palace and take a few photos.




Then I wandered through Green Park




and on to see the Horse Guards…


We’d been near them a few times in our travels, but never close enough for a photo. They were so cool. Much like the guards at the palaces, they don’t crack a smile.

Then we met up for our nightly visit at the pub (I think my liver must wonder what has gotten into me!) and off to dinner…at The Gate – AGAIN! I think I forgot to mention was have a new favorite restaurant. And, yes, we’ve now been there three nights in a row. What a LOVELY rut we’ve found ourselves in. We’re slowly (well, maybe not so slowly!) working our way though their whole menu.

gate4-w(Gnochi like I’ve never had it before!)

gate2-wI ordered coffee and got espresso. Guess who LOVES espresso? Where have I been???

gate1-wBrioche, white chocolate and blueberry pudding – yes I’ve died and gone to Heaven

And I even bought BOTH of their cookbooks to lug around Europe with me. But I don’t mind it a bit – it’ll be so worth it!


I can’t believe I dedicated more time to the restaurant than the sights…guess that says a lot! Heeheehee!

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