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Update on European Vacation

Prior to moving onto Rome I had gotten a couple of days behind on the Chronicles of our European vacation. Since arriving in Italy our bandwidth has been terrible, and we can rarely get on-line except on our phones (which doesn’t help with the blog!) So, the whole idea of a daily travelog has gone out the window!

We’ve now been to Rome and moved onto Florence, and it’s slightly better here, but not enough to be able to get photos to post, so I’m afraid I’m going to have to wait to get caught up. Instead of doing a daily travelog, I’ll probably just condense the last two legs of the trip (Italy and the River Cruise.) I have soooooooooo many photos I’d love to be sharing with you, but maybe it will be less boring for y’all to see fewer, anyway.

Just wanted to let you know I hadn’t fallen off the earth, and that I’m thinking about you in and amongst all of our adventures.

As we change locations I’ll continue to try to download pictures!



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  1. Oh, darn. I was getting hooked on your daily journal with photos. I felt like I was traveling right along with you! I can’t wait to see your Italy photos. Keep on having fun.

    • I’ll get back to it as soon as we have decent bandwidth! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I figure once we get home it’ll be a few days before before I have anything else worth posting.


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