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EV Day #14 – Tower of London and WWI

Today was our visit to the Tower of London. We’ve been here twice before, but we really like it, so wanted to go again.


It was just as fun as ever, although the cobblestones were MUCH easier to navigate in Birkenstocks than the high heels I wore the last time we were there. I was having flashbacks!



This year is the 100th anniversary of WWI, a war which took the lives of 888,246 British servicemen. Since The Tower was the place where many of the troops were recruited and trained, and it was the prison where 11 enemy spies were kept and executed, it seemed a good place to have a memorial for those lost.

The art exhibition is called Bloodswept Lands and Seas of Red. Ceramic artist Paul Cummins made 888,246 beautiful red ceramic poppies, one for each of the fallen, and from August 5 to November 14 they will be progressively be placed by set designer Tom Piper in the moat around the Tower. When he is finished, the poppies will completely surround the Tower. With nearly two months worth of poppies yet to be placed, it is already a dramatic presentation.

The poppies are being offered for sale for 25 pounds + shipping and the net proceeds will be donated to local service  charities. It is hoped that millions of pounds will be raised. The poppies can be pre-ordered, but they will not be shipped until the end of the exhibition. Sales have been brisk, and we’ve even ordered one.








We admired them for quite awhile, then got caught up in the rest of the castle…





So much history here. Much to learn. But still LOADS of fun.



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