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It Shouldn’t Be About The Food

…but it so is! At least partly. Too much.

We are having an all ’round terrific vacation, but I have to take a break from photos of all the wonderful sights we’re seeing and give London it’s proper due for its food.

There was a time, years ago, when England had the reputation of having tasteless food. I know when we went for the first time about 13 years ago, people warned us that we would have trouble finding vegetarian food, and if we were able to, it wouldn’t be very good.

I remember being pleasantly surprised that it was pretty good.

Well in the years since then, they have increased their vegetarian offerings by leaps and bounds. I would say it is MUCH easier to find vegetarian restaurants here than it is in the states. And the ones we’ve tried so far have been very good. And after tonight, I’d have to say OUTSTANDING!

We just went to “The Gate” near the Hammersmith tube station on Queen Caroline St. and had what is probably the best meal we’ve ever had.


We actually read about it in Veggie Times Magazine before we left on vacation. They did a spread on the 5 best veggie restaurants in London.

Mildred’s (the one we’ve already been to 3 times!) was in the same article, and we’ve been raving about it. Well, As much as I love ya, Mildred’s, you’ve been kicked to the curb.

For starters,  we had a bottle of Madregale Pinot Grigio and something called a “mezza,” a platter for 2 of the following appetizers:

Arancini a’la Contadina
Deep fried risotto dumplings filled with peas, fava beans and mint, served with sun dried tomato pesto

Leek, trompette and stilton tart
Baked with crème fraiche custard, served with crispy leaves and red pepper tapenade

Halloumi kibi
Roasted halloumi skewer in tikka marinade with courgette, peppers and red onions with chickpea salsa and harrisa

Japanese rolls V
Smoked tofu, shiitake mushrooms, roasted red pepper, grilled courgette rolled in cos lettuce and,

Beetroot ravioli
Roasted and shaved beetroot filled with goat cheese, caramelised apple and walnuts, served with heritage beetroots, watercress and basil & celery granita


For mains we ordered

Butternut Rotolo : Roasted butternut, goats cheese and basil encased in baked thyme-infused rolled potato, and served with an artichoke puree, sauce vierge and crispy kale


and Cheese glazed gnocchi: Panfried gnocchi glazed in reach cream sauce served with wilted spinach and salsa rosa


We all but licked our plates…


And for dessert? (I can’t believe we had room!)

Brioche blueberry and white chocolate butter pudding served with blueberry compote


…and Summer pudding served with home made mango and banana kulfi.


I see another piece of the blueberry and white chocolate pudding in our futures! Ha! In fact, we’d already made reservations for tomorrow night, then after we finished the appetizers, we made reservations for Friday night, as well. Yeah, we’ll be having more of the pudding. And maybe even more than that!

They have 2 cookbooks, and we bought them both to take home with us.


I can’t swear that was a good idea, but I couldn’t help myself. Now Mr. Tattered wants something from the cookbook for dinner every night. I may as well just throw all my clothes away and start living in a mu-mu…













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