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EV Day #11 – Kensington Palace

We spent Day #10 of our London vacation at Kensington Palace, probably best known in current times as the home of Princess Diana from the day she wed Prince Charles until her death, and now the home of William, Kate and baby George.

But it was also the childhood home of Queen Victoria, England’s longest reining Monarch, and where she lived when she married Prince Albert. Her 1st child, Victoria, was born at Kensington Palace. Right now there is a big exhibition “Queen Victoria Revealed” and we learned so much about her life, in addition to enjoying the palace itself.

The exterior is pretty unassuming, not like many of the palaces in England are. What made this one special is the stories and the items inside.

Unfortunately, we were unable to use flash, so most of the photos came out crummy, so this will be a shorter post than I’ve been subjecting you to in the past few days. (Sorry about that – hope it hasn’t been TOO boring!)

The main gate boasts a large statue of Queen Victoria:


These gates may look familiar. This is the site of the makeshift floral/candle memorial for Princess Diana:


The palace itself:


Looking into the gardens:


From the gardens looking to the palace:


From there ended up at the Pizza Express for dinner again…we’re getting in a bit of a rut. But it’s sure a good-tasting rut! There’s not much that can compare with dough balls. Next time (and there WILL be a next time,) we’re going with a double order with dipping sauces…I can taste them already.


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