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EV Day #9 – Lavenham – Stepping Back In Time

Today’s outing with Gordon and Ann was to a little village called Lavenham. What a darling little place! The roads are narrow and it’s hard to find a building whose lines are plum! Even by English standards this is considered quaint and not something you see every day.

I’m going to let the photos do the talking as much as possible on this one…





lavenham19-wA seemingly typical wall made of whatever was handy – flint, brick, rock













lavenham9-wThis building (and ones like it)  housed wool that was being dried. The doors were large to get things in and out, but had a second, smaller door built in so that people could go in and out without opening the big door and letting more of the heat out…clever, huh?



lavenham8-wNotice that fancy brickwork between the beams





A few of the houses had thatched roofs, and fewer still were part thatch, part tile.






As if the AMAZING architecture wasn’t enough, this village also had some incredible shops. It was VERY hard to just look. I could have done some serious damage, but both available weight and space are huge issues, so I had no choice. I did pick up some business cards in hopes of doing some on-line shopping when we get home!

After lunch in a darling tearoom, wandering around in the country, and a quick dinner, it was time for a teary goodbye before catching our train back to London. But not before making tentative plans for them to come visit us in America.

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