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EV Day #8 – Norwich (drop the “w”)

In trying to troubleshoot my camera woes, I switched to my long lens to see what would happen, and it worked fine! That told me it wasn’t my camera that was broken, but my lens. Tentatively, that’s good news. I think it will be easier (and certainly less expensive) to replace a lens than the whole base.

After a lovely breakfast, we headed out to Norwich for a day of exploring. I took all the pieces parts for the camera, just in case.

And as luck sometimes has it, as soon as we began walking through town, we saw a sandwich board for “London Camera Exchange,” only a block away, so off we went.

Twenty minutes later I was the proud owner of a new 18-55 EFS camera lens. I was back in business…WOOHOO!!!

Next stop the castle at Norwich.





It’s a pretty minor castle as far as castles go…

We went in to check it out and decided to have lunch at the cafe before taking a tour…


Best quiche I’ve ever had in my life, and the carrot soup pretty much rocked as well…

Ann and I decided to walk around downtown while the boys explored the implements of torture.





Then we met up with the guys, and headed home for a lovely dinner and a walk along the beach.








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