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EV Day #7 – It wasn’t a Nightmare

I woke up this morning hoping that I either dreamed that I broke my camera, or it had somehow miraculously healed itself, but neither were accurate. I cannot get it to focus correctly. The auto focus is gone, and the manual focus has to be so precise that my old eyeballs can’t do it, even with glasses.

I pulled the lens off, and there was an apparantly broken off piece down inside the camera where the camera meets the lens. I’m thinking that is not a good thing.

We jumped on-line to see if we could order a camera base from Amazon and have it shipped here, but they can’t because of some kind of federal regulations. A friend who lives overseas suggested checking, but we had a train to catch and I ran out of time.

I felt like I needed to have someone at a camera shop look at it before I make any decisions on what to do, so we took the pieces with us, hoping to run across one on our travels.

We were heading up to Ipswich to stay a couple of nights with another English couple we met (this one on our 1st cruise!) Gordon is the British version of Mr. Tattered (yes, there’s another one!) and Ann is a sweetheart. We had dinner with them every night on our 14 day cruise and laughed a lot. We were sad to part when the cruise was over and were hoping that our feelings of closeness  would still be there after not seeing them for 9 months.

They met us at the station, and it was like we never skipped a beat, falling into the same camaraderie we’d had before.

We made the quick trip to the town where they live, Felixstowe.


Ann laid out a beautiful “ploughman’s lunch” – cheeses, bread, cucumbers and tomatoes from their garden, hummus, chutney, grapes…hit the spot!

Then we drove around the local area. Felixstowe is right on the eastern shore of England. Next stop, Belgium.



Our nightly pub visit was to the White Horse…

Photos from a distance, with no need to focus are fine, the rest are hit and miss. This one’s a hit.


This one a most definite miss.


This may not be a well documented few days.  You guys, I’m so sad. I love living life with a camera in my face, but I’m not loving having to delete, delete, delete.


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  1. I wonder if the rest of your trip will be different without your lens to mediate the experience? The picture of your friends house makes me most homesick of all, I guess all estates in the UK look pretty much the same, and from the outside theirs looks much like the old council house I grew up in.


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