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EV Day #6 Soho and Camden Town (and lunch, and dinner!)

Today was supposed to be a “low photo” day. Nothing much going on during the day, then visiting with friends for dinner. Time to catch up and breath a little. We’ve been going, going, going day after day, and the idea of not much on the agenda sounded like such a good idea.

We had a leisurely morning then decided to check out a little veg restaurant that was supposed to be one of the best in London. We were NOT disappointed. Mildred’s is an unassuming little place on the outskirts of Soho. I LOVE it when food makes your mouth so happy you can’t stop smiling. This was one of those places…




After our late lunch we set out to Camden Town, by way of a very cute section of Soho. I texted my daughters to tell them to start packing, the lot of us are moving to Soho. That was before we saw a real estate listing for an old, refurbished, 2 bedroom apartment on the 20th floor for 2 MILLION $$$$. Burst that little bubble, didn’t it?






There’s more, oh so much more…

Although we would have liked to wander more, we needed to get up to Camden Town to meet a couple we met on our second cruise (they live in London!) for dinner. He (Tek) works as a volunteer at the Camden Locks and it was a good place to meet up. His wife, Jean, had suggested we have a walk-about around the Camden stalls until he got off work, at which time she’d pick us all up and we’d head to one of their favorite watering holes for a pint (or in my case a half pint!)

Well, I had no idea what the stalls were, and we didn’t allow NEARLY enough time.

Camden Town has turned into a crazy, funky international marketplace that just goes on forever. It was wilder and rougher than Soho, but just tons of fun.









And now I’m kinda wishin’ I had bought the red shoes with the 2 buckles and figured out how to get them home later… I’m going to be lusting for them for awhile.

Our nightly pint/half pint was shared with our friends…it was so fun to see them again. It was a little hard to wrap our heads around the fact that we were visiting them in their stomping grounds instead of on the ship! We had a great time. BUT. As I stood up to leave the pub…


…I caught my foot on the table leg, reached out to steady myself on the table, and knocked my camera onto the cobblestone below. I may have killed it. The rest of the evening was a bit of a blur. I know we had a nice dinner, but I was really preoccupied with how I was going to manage 5 more weeks of an incredible vacation with an iphone camera OR replace it in London without spending an arm leg, and half of something else.  NOT a happy camper!

Thank goodness we’ll be seeing them again before we leave! Hopefully having found a solution to my dilemma.

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