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EV Day #5 (continued) and a little Day #6 Preview

Okay, so when we left off on my last post, I’d left Highclere Castle, heading back to London to sneak into Selfridge’s before meeting Mr. Tattered for dinner.

One of the things that I like so much about the show “Mr. Selfridge” is that it is based on a real person. Harry Gordon Selfridge really DID found an amazing department store in London, and it is still there! It is now known as Selfridge & Co. and is located at 400 Oxford St. in London.

When I got back to Paddington Station I went to the information desk and asked the lady if you have an address, how would you figure out what tube station to go to? As she reached for a map, she asked, “what’s the address,” and when I told her she put the map down, smiled and said, “Selfridge’s…that’s right down from Oxford Circus.” Ha! I was either not the first person to ask, or she just knew! We both giggled, and I headed out.

Oxford Street is a huge fashion shopping district, and incredibly crowded. I don’t know why being around that kind of hustle-bustle energizes me, but it does. I was buzzed!

The store is ginormous! It is a city block long and 5 stories high (1 basement and 4 above ground.) VERY impressive.



The displays are incredible and there is more merchandise than you can imagine! I’m sure I was walking around with my jaw hanging open. And with camera clicking, it was pretty obvious I was a tourist! I knew I HAD to buy something, just to get a bag!




BUT, the downside of traveling with only one suitcase for so long is that there is little room for taking treasures home, so it would have to be something small. I found a Christmas ornament that I had personalized to read “B & J London 2014.”


And so I had my pretty yellow bag! And a grin from ear to ear!

Meanwhile, Mr. Tattered was in Portsmouth, having just as much fun exploring the historic boatyard. He’s really into English history and has read many books based on the naval battles of the 1700’s and 1800’s, so he was looking forward to seeing Admiral Lord Nelson’s ship, the HMS Victory, and learning more about his death during the Battle of Trafalgar.


He also toured the HMS Alliance, the last remaining English submarine from WWII.


But the majority of his time was spent at the new “Mary Rose” Museum, looking at the thousands of artifacts found in her when she was raised from the sea just outside Portsmouth Harbor in 1982. The Mary Rose was Henry VIII’s flagship, built in Portsmouth in 1511, and was sunk by the French in 1545.

He would have stayed a LOT longer, but the exhibits closed way before he was ready to leave.

It was so great that we both able to have so much fun doing completely different things!

Day #6 will be a fun post – lots of photos of Soho and Camden Town. Camden Town will blow you away!

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  1. Send me that pretty yellow bag when you get back and I’ll turn it into a journal for you!! LOL! I guess when you grow up there it is hard to believe people have never heard of Selfridges! Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip! 🙂 (Reading on despite the homesickness)


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