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EV Day #2

Let me start by telling you I don’t remember ever being so tired in my whole life.

I got off on the wrong foot by getting too little sleep for several nights in a row trying to get ready to go. Add to that having a herd time sleeping on the plane (even taking an Ambien!) It’s just over a 9 hour flight. You’d think that sitting and watching movies would be pretty relaxing, but it’s not. Then there was an hour in line at immigration wearing a backpack that felt like it was stuffed with bowling balls (note to self: ditch the back pack and go back to the roller bag!) then a long drive from Heathrow to where we’re staying.

I wanted to climb into bed and take a nap as soon a s we got here, but Mr. Tattered convinced me we’d acclimate more quickly if we stayed up, then got a good night’s sleep. So, of course, he’s sound asleep, and I’ve got a second wind!

London has amazing public transportation, but we’ve quickly realized we are staying further out of the city center than we thought, and getting around is going to eat up more of our time than we’d hoped.

The place we’ve rented is an apartment built onto the back of a darling old, old, house on Harrow Road.




The courtyard entrance leads to a spacious set up with lots of windows and glass doors.


It’s both modern and old-fashioned – sort of Pottery Barn meets English antique store. Our hostess, Laura, has done a lovely job of decorating. The first thing I noticed was the shabby chic kitchen table and chairs – it was love at first sight!


The bottom floor has an open floor plan kitchen, eating area, sitting room and loo. Upstairs is another sitting area that opens onto a second floor patio overlooking the courtyard, a bedroom and another loo. It will be a quite comfortable home away from home.

Laura pointed us to a local deli for lunch, where we found veggie sandwiches, a yummy beet and goat cheese tart,


and mango iced tea. We were starving, and it hit the spot. From there we hit the market for breakfast fixin’s, and a reminder of how fortunate we are where we live to have so much glorious produce. We’ll be hitting the farmer’s market on Sunday in hopes of a better selection. And, there is a Whole Foods only 3 miles away, only we’re having a hard time finding a convenient way to get there, then back with groceries.

Dinner was at The Parlour, an old pub reborn as a gourmet restaurant.


Great atmosphere, nice people and the hard cider was delish, as was the soda bread, but the food itself, although imaginative, was just so-so. We’ll keep looking. Yeah, I see quite a bit of this in our futures – a pint of beer (or 2) for Mr. Tattered, and a 1/2 pint of hard cider for muah (I’m a light-weight!)


I took a dozen or so photos already of charming buildings (this is the neighborhood)


and rusting signs…and I’m just getting started. I’ll try not to drive you too nuts, but jeez louise…I’m clicking the camera every 5 minutes!


Tomorrow we’re thinking about hanging out and resting. We’ll see how that goes!



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