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Happy Cake Day!

Josh’s REAL birthday isn’t for nearly another month, but when he heard I wouldn’t be here to make his birthday cake this year, he was sad. Well, Gaga can’t have sad grandbabies if she can help it, so I suggested we throw a mini party before we leave, complete with a Gaga cake.

He went with me to Michael’s to select his cake pan. I told him he had plenty of time to think about it, and we could wait until closer to the date to make a final decision. But this little man knows his own mind, and opted to get an airplane cake pan. And he never wavered!


A few days before I was to make the cake we discussed decorating options. He had initially wanted camo. It would require a little improvising on my part, but I was game to try. But, when he saw the cake on the instruction sheet that had m&m decorations, he thought that looked like more fun (and if you can add candy to your cake, well, duh!)

THEN he decided he wanted a yellow cake. SACRILEGE! This is a chocolate cake family, but he was adamant. I don’t know if it was the horrified look on my face that made him determined, but I couldn’t get him to change his mind. He just laughed and laughed, and couldn’t be swayed. Daddy was no help at all, ‘cuz for him, the cake flavor is irrelevant – he’s all about the frosting! AND, it’s Josh’s birthday, so he gets to choose. Yuck.

So I did what any self-respecting chocolate cake lover would do, and made cupcakes, too! Chocolate, of course – no decorating required.

He and Daddy bicycled over to our house this morning and caught me in the middle of decorating. The look on his face was precious. He seemed so surprised! I don’t know if it looked better than he thought it would, or didn’t think I would REALLY use the m&ms, but I had a happy boy!


A few candles (6 to be exact!) and we’re good to go!




Mommy is going to make him a Darth Vadar cake for his real birthday, so I’m taking my supplies over (including a sleeve of extra frosting for her to practice with) and will give her a little mini class. Both Josh and Lexi’s birthdays come at a time of year when we’ll probably be traveling most years, so if I can’t make their cakes, it will be nice that Mommy can!

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