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Seriously, Janet?

In what parallel universe am I living that I really think I am going to make 3 pairs of earrings, 3 necklaces and 3 bracelets before we leave on our trip? Or even 3 pairs of earrings? Or even 1? Yet somehow I just NEEDED to buy these beads. I even paid full price, so it’s not like there was a sale I’d miss.


I embarrass myself. (But aren’t they pretty???)

I need to be put on restriction. I wonder if I called the credit card company and begged them,  they could put a block on my credit card so it doesn’t work at craft stores? Since I obviously am unable to police myself…

On a positive note, when I was babysitting the other day I had a bit of an epiphany about the state of slugfullness I’ve allowed myself to slide into. (I know, it’s not a real word, but it describes my state of being better than ANY real words!)

I used to be able to do things in 5-10 minute spurts. LOTS of things. At once. No matter how busy I was, I had either a list or a pile of stuff I could work on for just a few minutes at a time. No more. Now if I have 30 seconds, I’m checking Facebook. No kidding. And if I don’t have my phone handy so I can do that, I practically break into a cold sweat.

That REALLY needs to stop. One of the good things about Facebook is that my newsfeed will still be there, full of all the important stuff I just NEED to know, along with all the superfluous k-r-a-p when I get to it later in the evening, or in the morning. There are very few people in my cyber world who need to know within the next 5 minutes whether I “like” what they posted, or need an opinion on what they should do about “fill-in-the-blank. If they do, most of them know how to reach me in the real world.

Worse yet, unless I have a whole empty day stretching out ahead of me, I am almost physically incapable of working on ANYTHING. That also has to stop. There is no reason why I can’t have several things going at the same time that I can work on for awhile (be it it an hour or two, or 10 minutes!) Even most big projects can be broken into small bites.

My epiphany came because I knew I would have a bit of free time here and there during the day while I was babysitting and I wanted to make that time at least mildly productive. I needed to get the words cut out for the inspiration decks I need to have completed in a few days, so I packed the full sheets of printed words along with a pair of scissors and a box to put the cut up words in to.


While the baby was napping, I pulled them out and got all 16 pages done. As I was working on them, I wondered why I can do it while I’m away from home, but not while I’m at home. I had both my phone and my computer – I could have gotten on-line. But I didn’t. THAT part I don’t understand. But, at least I was productive, and it made me think about being MORE productive, and both are good things.

Another issue that crossed my mind is that I am accountable to no one but myself these days, and I have let myself off way to easy. I shouldn’t be allowing myself to wait until I am at a crisis point to get done what needs to be done. And that goes for every day stuff that no one sees but me, as well as the big things that have actual deadlines.

I don’t feel the need to be superwoman anymore. But I really don’t want to be a slug, either.

So, today I’ve started a list of quick things I can work on for a few minutes at a time, and set up a couple of them on a table where I can see them, and I’m going to try to have a kick booty weekend with LOTS to show for my efforts.

I’ve already gone to 2 grocery stores, got a cake and 24 cupcakes baked, 2 loads of laundry done (COMPLETELY DONE, not just washed and dried and thrown on the bed!) made a list of stuff that needs to go into the suitcase and packed most of it, and made a very short list of things that still need to be purchased for the trip, and there’s still HOURS left in the day.

See, I can do it if I put my mind to it. I just need to put my mind to it!

Who knows, maybe I’ll get those earrings made after all?


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  1. You seriously crack non pm me up. I am working on being more of a slacker and you are going in the opposite direction. 🙂

    • Ummm. You a slacker? Talk about living in an alternate universe! Just when I think you’re slowing down you do a post on all the things you have stacked up and I go into cardiac arrest just thinking about it!

  2. Now you know why I’m not on facebook, twitter, instagram, or any of those other social media sites that suck up your time and energy. Add to that the very old, old, OLD computer I’m working on that buffers more than it produces.

    Now I’m off to do a bit of organizing myself! Good luck with those earrings. The beads are gorgeous.


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