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Finally Working on the Decks

There’s nothing like time constraints to make me get my tush in gear.

I have under 2 weeks to get my 4 Inspiration Decks done and in the mail. The soft deadline is September 1, but if history is any judge, not everyone will make it, and it will be extended. My hard deadline is September 3, the day before we leave for Europe. I suppose the possibility exists I MAY get them out sooner. Heeheehee!

I don’t know why I’ve let so much time go without getting started. I really do love making them. But, I guess I’m just in such a habit of waiting until the last minute, it comes naturally. But then again, with nearly 2 weeks left, it isn’t QUITE the last minute! I’ve cut it closer on many projects, I’ll tell you!

So, today I got the gesso onto both sides of 2 decks (104 out of 208 cards!)



Only 2 more decks to go.


AND, I got fonts selected for the sayings and printed them out.


I’m getting excited!

Are you getting tired of vacation photos yet? I hope not!

vancouverfromgrouse-wVancouver from the top of Grouse Mountain

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  1. Started my deck (singular!! lol) today too!

  2. You are always such an overachiever. I can’t believe you are doing four decks. But you’ve done this before, so I guess you’ll get it done, even if it’s while you’re packing your bags.

  3. Got my one deck sent but no way to know if it got there ok. Hope it did. I gave up facebook for a while so don’t have a way to connect except through your blog. So IF the deck has not made it, let me know and I will send another. Thanks.


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