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Pretty Much Perfect Quiche

I am a quiche fan. For me, one of the hardest parts of trying to be vegan is giving up quiche. Not that I CAN’T do it, but it is one of life’s little joys that I’m not ready to completely give up yet. One of these days. But not yet.

Eating quiche out at restaurants can be a little hit and miss for me, because so many of them are made with meat. So, it is something I needed to learn to make at home.

Somewhere along the line I ran into an article about “ratios” rather than recipes. I never have been very good at following recipes. I always think I can do it just a little better. So “ratios” work very well for me. And the ratio for quiche is 1/2 cup liquid (be it, milk, cream or milk substitute) to 1 egg – 3 eggs to 1 1/2 cups liquid for a standard pie pan. Then just increase or decrease the quantity to feed the number of people you want to feed. Less for a personal sized quiche, more if you’re using a larger baking dish to feed a crowd.

And then there are a few other tips that will aid in getting perfection!

So, let’s make a quiche. From the ground up. Keep in mind, this is an outline, not a “recipe” so keep an open mind!

Before you get started preheat the oven to 375 degrees.

Then regardless of what size you are going to make, the process is the same. Choose your baking dish, then you’ll need your “crust.”

It is usually a pie crust, be it store bought and ready to fill, or your grandmother’s recipe. Mr. Tattered is not a pie crust fan, so for him I use a filo dough base, layering 6-8 sheets of filo with a quick spray of olive oil between the sheets. If I’m doing it for myself, I add a few sesame seeds sprinkled in between one layer.

Then choose a cheese. Cheddar seems to be one of the most common, but we prefer goat cheese or gorgonzola or feta. We like a little stronger taste. If it is a crumbly cheese, just spread the crumbles. If you’re using a block cheese, you’ll need to grate it. The amount you use isn’t critical. You want to pretty much cover the bottom, but if you like a cheesy quiche, piling in a little extra won’t hurt! Today I’m going with a healthy amount of gorgonzola.

Next up comes your fillings. Most will have at least SOME veggies (although it isn’t necessary.) If you’re using just meat, cube it (in the case of ham) or crumble it (for bacon) or otherwise cut it up for any other kinds. Really you can use whatever you want, but it does need to be precooked. Just spread it on top of the cheese.

If you’re using fresh veggies, you’ll want to saute them first to reduce the water content. Trust me on this, if you don’t, your quiche will not want to set up and by the time it finally does, the eggs will be tough. In my quiche today, I’m using onions, garlic and spinach.

Now spread them over the cheese (or meat.)



Your “custard” which gets poured over the top will consist of your eggs and milk (I prefer almond milk, but if you’re a regular milk drinker that is fine, and for a richer taste – and lots more calories – you can use cream) plus whatever seasoning you want to use. Since I’m using a standard pie plate, I’ll start with 3 eggs. Yes 3. One of my eggs had a double yolk!


The seasoning can be as simple as a little salt and pepper, or you can use any number of different herbs and/or spices. Let your creativity shine! I’m going with salt, pepper and a dash of cayenne today. Whisk them all together well, and pour over your fillings.

Then put your creation in the oven. Since baking times differ from oven to oven, set your timer for about 40 minutes, then check it. You want it to be set up, but still just a tiny bit jiggly. I try to catch it just a few minutes before it is completely done to add a little fresh tomato to the top. If you do it too soon, it’ll get that water we were talking about into the custard. Also, if you’re using a pie crust and it is browning faster than your custard is setting up, you can cover the edges of the crust with foil and continue baking – just don’t cover the custard.

Once it is done, let it set for 5-10 minutes before cutting.

And ta-dah! Perfect quiche!quiche3-w



Ooooh….Almost forgot to add a photo from the vacay!

inspirationpoint-wInspiration Point, above Skagway


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  1. I love spinach quiche, and the filo dough sounds perfect. I’ve only made it with homemade pie crust, but this sounds even better. I’m a vegetarian, not a vegan, so this sounds really yummy.

    I thought of you on Friday when I was out. My friend and I ate at a Mediterranean restaurant, and the vegan food was wonderful, with a bit of feta cheese thrown in. In fact, I showed it on my blog today.


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