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My Poor Pathetic Garden

Once upon a time my garden was a place I treasured. I spent many, many hours planting and adding decorations. I wanted it to look like an old English garden that had been a little neglected – eclectic, with surprises everywhere you look.

For the most part, I think I did a pretty good job, except that I was too anxious for it to look that way and planted things a little too close together, and before I knew it, I had a bit of a jungle going on. My chief drip irrigation officer (Mr. Tattered) was frustrated that he couldn’t get to the drip lines to check for leaks. I didn’t do anything to make it easier for him, and next thing I knew, we was butchering my plants to get to the leaky lines. Add to that the water crisis we are facing in this area, and my love of the garden diminished dramatically.

In my head I was planning a simplification that would give him the access he wanted and save some area for me to still have the look I wanted. But, we began to travel and getting the improvements made took a back seat. While we were gone on this last trip we had to limit the watering to only two days a week, and with 100+ degree days most of the time, it wasn’t enough and I came home to humongous weeds that didn’t seem to mind the reduced watering, and a whole bunch of plants that DID. I am so sad to see it in such terrible shape.

I wish I had taken photos of the mess before I started working on it so you’d get the whole effect. There were a few 6′ tall weeds, and a bunch of 1′ spread out low weeds, but I pulled them before I decided to do this post. The bottom line is, my once precious garden is a mess. A big, fat dead, or dying, mess.

steps-wWhat USED to be moss around the pavers…






Even some of my decor has been woefully ignored. This little darling is faded almost white instead of it’s former lovely red.


We intentionally let the lawn die since we are switching over to a “fake” one next week, but it makes the whole backyard look even worse!

deadlawn-wOn the right hand side you can see even the pyracantha is in distress…

The only bush really thriving is the one we transplanted from the Mt. Shasta house (I don’t even know what it’s called)


and this darling little volunteer that the birds must have planted which I think is a variety of Lantana.


I don’t know how much sprucing up I’ll get done before we leave on our next trip, but I must confess, seeing how AWFUL everything looks is providing me with the motivation to at least get started – like I needed to add yet another project! Heeheehee!

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  1. My garden is lush and gorgeous and I haven’t put a DROP of water on it in several years. I’ve always contended, you find the drought tolerant plants for your area, water them WELL for several weeks, then let nature take its course. If they live, they were meant to be in your garden. If they die, they weren’t meant to be there. I look forward to seeing what you do in your back yard with your new “fake” lawn. What is a fake lawn, anyway?

    • Ha! If that’s the case, I’m meant to have nothing but weeds! But then again, we live in the “golden” part of the “golden state!” A fake lawn is a “plastic” grass, like the artificial turf they use on golf courses and sports stadiums. At first I was horrified at the thought, but it’s come a LONG way, and given the water shortages we are bound to continue to have here, it sounds like the responsible thing to do. If we hate it, we’ll pull it out and put in raised beds for an enlarged vegetable garden instead.


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