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The “Back-From-Vacation-Blues”

Or is it the blahs?

I know it isn’t wishing someone would feed me like last time, ‘cuz I really don’t even want to eat. At all. Even if someone was to put a plate full of yummy food in front of me. I’m fooded out. Not that I ate all that much, it just mostly wasn’t the kind of food we normally eat. Well, except at “Heirlooms” in Vancouver – our new favorite restaurant on the planet. And here I thought downtown Sac was too far to go to eat!

Tonight I made myself a big bowl of barley and farro steeped in veggie broth. Plain. Simple. Healthy. And delish…

But let me tell you, the cruise food really opened out eyes to how differently we eat than most Americans. I mean, Disney is right on top of what their customers want, so wouldn’t it follow that the food they serve is what most of the people want? The lack of whole grains was surprising (maybe even shocking?) as were the offerings for children at all meals. We supplemented with things off the adult menu, but really, should you have to? I hate to think that so many people feed their children like that. We were able to substitute veggies for french fries (thank goodness) but they gave  them two tiny pieces of broccoli in place of a big ol’ pile of french fries.  But, I digress. This is fodder for a whole ‘nuther post!

Anyway, it  felt good to get home and I LOVE having the hot tub ready to go right out the back door. And seeing my son and his family was sooooooo good.

But now I’ve got a suitcase full of clothes on the living room floor waiting to get washed or put away – actually, the suitcase has been dumped on the floor and relocated so I can start filling it again for the NEXT vacay, which will be here before I know it. My waterproof shell decided to lose its waterproofness in Alaska, so it needs to be replaced before we go, and I need to come up with a simplified wardrobe for, what in reality, is three separate vacations, that will fit into one less-than-50#-suitcase. I also need to find either a waterproof cover for my day pack or a waterproof daypack! Yes. This is the “year of the travels,” and we’re slowly but surely figuring out what we need to make the travel more enjoyable.

And there is mail to go through, e-mails to answer, 2500 photos to reduce down to more like 1500, a travel journal to finish up (before I forget the stories) to-do lists to make, jury duty to serve, a neglected garden mocking me (I have already gone out and hacked down the BIGGEST of the monster weeds that flourished while we were away while many REAL plants croaked!) a pillow that I lost on this last trip to order (yes, I require a special pillow!) ATCs to mail, four (yes 4!!!) inspiration decks to make, and of course catching up on my social media (heeheehee!) My head is spinning!

But, lest you think I am a spoiled rotten brat (oh, okay, I probably AM, but I’m trying not to act like one!) I am NOT actually complaining, more expressing concern that I have way more to do than I have time to actually complete!

So. I am going to see if I remember the project skills that I used to use in my working life back in the day to figure out how to accomplish more than is humanly possible, only without the aid I used to get from “my girls” as I lovingly referred to them!

And, I think I’ll add one of my gazillion photos from the trip at the end of each post, just to remind myself how wonderful vacations are! And maybe, just maybe, it’ll help me keep the blahs at bay!


These are the tips of mountain tops that escaped the glacier’s grinding as it reshaped the landscape. What a wild, raw piece of the country.

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  1. This reminds me of when my friends and I eat out. Mostly everything on a menu is deep fat fried or is all meat. There are simply NO vegetarian restaurants in my town, which is sad, since it’s the largest in KS. The one restaurant that was vegetarian only lasted a few months. This is BEEF country and we can’t seem to forget it. So sad to learn this, but somehow, not surprising.


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