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Getting Back In The Swing Of Things

Well, I hope you’ve missed me a little!

This last week we’ve been on the Disney Cruise portion of the vacation. Mr. Tattered impressed on me the importance of staying away from sending photos while we were on the ship because for the first time we are getting charged by the megabyte used rather than the minutes, and photos are megabyte intense. So, since it’s a little hard to do posts where photos are the main attraction, without photos, I’ve been avoiding posting.

Now we’re on the last night of the cruise and I have TONS of unused megabytes, so I thought I’d try to get back into the swing of things a day or two early.

So, let’s try a little “Juneau Through A Tattered Lens,” the sights of Juneau through my whacky lens.

Mr. Tattered and the daughter LOVE Alaskan Amber beer, so no trip to Juneau can be complete without a visit to it’s home…


The only thing better than an Alaskan Amber, is an Alaskan Amber WITH an Alaskan King Crab leg (I personally find it repulsive, but a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.)


The girls like to pose as a part of the totem poles!


A little gold panning on the outskirts of town – they actually got quite a bit of color!


A tree with dew drops (couldn’t help myself – I took SOOOOOOO many of this kinds pictures!)


The light s and shadows falling in an odd pattern on the stairs.


Oh Yeah. Moss…


Beaver gnawings on a tree stump. Never saw the beavers OR the damn, but we knew they were there!



The B&B we stayed in.



And a pretty section of sidewalk. Wish there were more of these in the world.


Our ship in the mist.


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  1. A little? I’ve missed you A LOT! Are you ever going home???

  2. I’ve been following your adventures in Alaska, and what seemed EACH and EVERY day you posted would turn out bad, somehow turned out perfect in some way. You have genuinely had a lovely adventure and I bet you have thousands of photos to prove it, too.

    I SO enjoyed seeing the flight you took, the trails you ventured on, the street scenes, and both whale watch adventures. Lovely, lovely trip.

    And yes, I’m glad you are posting again because I missed leaving a comment. But something was wrong for a week or so, and I couldn’t leave one. Seems I can again, now. What’s up with our digital technology, I wonder?

    • I missed you, Elizabeth! I’ve been trying to catch up on your posts since getting back. We did have a wonderful trip full of amazing adventures! As for tech? who knows? When it’s working, it’s incredible, but when it’s not, it’s awful!


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