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Granville Island – Through a Tattered Lens

As you may know by now, when I am in photographer mode, I take two kinds of photos – the normal people pictures and icons of the area that everyone takes, then the ones that show how I see the world. Those are just a little off-kilter – the things that for one crazy reason or another catch my eye.

You never know what they might be – some unusual architectural feature, the interesting way something catches the light, something rusty or mossy.

Today we spent the day on Granville Island in Vancouver, British Columbia. It should have been easy to get there, but our GPS went sideways on us, sending us back and forth over the bridge that goes OVER the island several times before we realized that our “guide” wasn’t perceiving that the bridge went OVER the streets. Then it made us laugh…well, my daughter and I laughed – our driver (Mr. Tattered) was NOT amused.

To add insult to injury, he’s not into crowded little tourist traps artist areas that just wreak with atmosphere, but have narrow roads and too many people vying for what very little parking is available. But he was a good sport and found a quiet place to read while we went off exploring.

Wanna go along with us? Today I’m feeling like sharing some of my tattered stuff.


















Yeah, I was sorta in my element today…

The picture of the paint? In this awesome studio, they MAKE their own paint. It looked absolutely luscious. My wallet was lucky I didn’t have enough weight available in my suitcase to buy it. Oh. But I picked up a card. And I can find them here at Silly me.




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