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Beauty Along the Chilkoot Trail

When last we met, I was promising you more photos from along the Chilkoot Trail. That night we had an earthquake near where we are here in Skagway. Although we enjoyed being woken up in the middle of the night rockin’ and rollin’ (seriously, we did!) the quake took out the under sea cable line which provides internet service, so we’ve been without for a couple of days. It wasn’t me slackin’ – honest!

So, if you’re joining in now and haven’t gotten the quick little history lesson of the Chilkoot Trail and photos of the trail itself, you might want to check out the first post…

The scenery along the route was just incredible. So many shades of green, amazing textures, and sooooo many varieties of moss and mushrooms. I trailed behind most of the trek, only partly because I’m a slow hiker – I had to stop every two minutes to take another photo! And, unfortunately, they just don’t do the reality justice. But I tried. And tried, and tried.

This area of Coastal Alaska is just one click down from a rainforest. It is wet and the marine air keeps it fairly temperate – not the minus 50 degrees or colder of the interior, so the forests are extremely lush.

Enjoy  a few photos, then I’ll wrap up the story about this adventure!





These are watermelon berries. We snacked on them along the way. The berries taste a LOT like watermelon, and the root smells like celery!


Nature will have it’s way. It was amazing how many trees grow right out of the tops of huge boulders.



When we reached the Taiya River we got on a hard-bottom rubber raft for the float portion of our “hike and float” trip. It was a gentle class one section of the river. Beautiful views and a guide who made sure there wasn’t a bad seat on the raft – lots of turning around so we could all see everything.



We saw an active Bald Eagle nest, but none of it’s inhabitants at that spot.


Once we got to our destination the girls hopped out of the raft and tried out their rubber boots in the 38 degree water…



Mama helped the guys bring the raft in to load on the trailer (she’s kind of a stud!)


On the way back to town we spotted a couple of bald eagles, this female sitting on a log with her man-friend close by.


What a great end to the outing!

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