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Anchorage – Through A Tattered Lens

As far as creativity goes, I’m taking a breather. At least from my traditional means of being creative.

I haven’t done any actual art for a week. Not because I didn’t bring anything with me to work on, because I did. I just have been so busy “making memories” there is little time for actual art. Unless you count writing and photography, which I’m managing to keep up on, and not just the getting paint on your hands, messy kinda art.

So, for right now, let’s say that photography counts (‘cuz, really, it’s all I got right now!)

Let me share a few of my “Through A Tattered Lens” photos of Anchorage. Not the iconic photos you EXPECT to see, but rather the things I see through my lens that a lot of people don’t give a second glance.


Bridge foundations reflected in the pond water.


Old mossy wood.birchcurl-w

Birch curls.


Rusty sign.


Bridge shadow reflection.


Sucker hole

(that piece of sun peeking through the clouds that makes you think the sun might come out…SUCKER!)


Alaska Railroad engine.

And my favorite so far…


Feather floating on the water.

Wishing you the time to search out the interesting and unusual in your world…

About tatterednworn

I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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