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One Way Or Another

I’m desperate to see a male moose in real live person. You may have gathered that.

My friend Ann is a moose magnet. She moved to Colorado, has had 10 sightings already, and has taken some amazing photos. I am a moose repellant. They run when they hear I’m coming.

So desperate times call for desperate measures.

We went to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. Well, we would have gone anyway. We love the Raptor Rehabilitation Center in Sitka, and figured this would be similar, only for mammals (which it is.) But this way I’m hedging my bets. Even if I don’t see one in the wild, at least I will have seen one. It feels a little like cheating, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. At least I’m admitting it’s not an actual “in the woods” sighting!

Tada! My male moose!


We were so glad to discover it wasn’t one of those roadside excuses to extract money from the tourists.

They are building a herd of Alaska Bison, which were nearly extinct, and plan to release the herd to the wild in 2015. I like that a lot.


They take in orphaned and injured animals and try to educate people about them. We were sad to learn that baby moose are often separated from their mothers at an age when they cannot care for themselves. We met two of them. They were so cute!




They also had an elk herd, including several babies. It was so sweet watch them nurse.



We also saw bears,


musk ox,





and Sitka Deer.


It’s a kinda cheesy way to see animals, I guess, but it beats not seeing any.

I am not fond of zoos or circuses, or keeping wild animals in captivity unless it is necessary. But I am mindful of the words of Jacques Cousteau – “People protect what they love.” If you never get a chance to EXPERIENCE animals, it is difficult to love them. Rescue facilities are “less bad” than circuses and zoos, and are a way of exposing people to creatures they may never see otherwise, and hopefully inspire in them the desire to protect them.

Until I’m persuaded to see things differently, I’m going with that.

And besides, thanks to them, I got to see a real live male moose.

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  1. Wonderful! I think seeing them this way is great too!

  2. I never knew who said that. ‘People protect what they love” Now i know and i think it is so true. It is the only way i can tolerate zoos and the like.. Thanks for sharing your photos! Hugs! deb


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