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Moose Repellant

Who even knew there WAS such a thing!?

But if you want to make sure there isn’t a moose within 25 miles of you, just take me with you.

I know. We’re only 1 full day into the moose hunting trip trip to Alaska, so it’s a little early to be conceding defeat, but I’m just bummed. This is our 3rd trip to Alaska. The 1st trip we saw a few females from a bus, but no males. The 2nd we saw NONE. This time I did my research.

And we wished on wish sticks. Lots of them.


And Hannah said she even prayed to see them. I have to admit bugging God about it was a little further than I was prepared to go – but He knows my heart, so even though I didn’t come right out and ASK for it, He knew. If He wanted me to see one, I would’ve. Right?


Kincaid Park is supposed to be THE place to see moose in Anchorage. We even went out after 9pm (the sun doesn’t set until like 11:45 or something ridiculous like that!) so there was plenty of light to see them by. There just weren’t any around. At least not in the part of the park we were in.

Somehow I allowed myself to believe that moose in Kincaid Park are like bison in Yellowstone. Well, I’m here to tell you it ain’t so.

It’s not like I expected a herd of them to be standing on the side of the road. They are solitary animals and don’t pal around in herds. And I didn’t expect them to come to me. I was more than willing to hike into the woods and be carried off by mosquitoes (in fact I nearly was!)  Getting bitten and being itchy for a week would have been a small price to pay.

We followed a trail that looked like the perfect place for them to be – lots of trees along the path, with clearings just beyond them. We walked slowly and (mostly) quietly looking carefully, and nothing.




The park gates close at 10pm so we didn’t have long. It was reluctantly and with a heavy heart that I headed back to the car. My partner in need of seeing a male moose in the wild (Hannah) didn’t want to leave either. Da asked her if she would rather get out of the park before the gates closed without seeing a moose, OR stay and see one but have to sleep overnight in the car. My heart swelled as she said spend the night in the car. That’s my girl.

The park was beautiful, and in spite of coming up empty on the moose front, we had fun.


Maybe tomorrow night. Yeah. We’re coming back. And back. And back. And back one more time, if need be. We’ll be in Anchorage for 5 nights. What else are you going to do at 9 o’clock at night, sleep? I think not.


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