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It’s Official – I’ve Lost My Mind

…or I’m just a glutton for punishment, or maybe I’ve taken the first step to crossing something off my bucket list. It’s hard to tell just yet.

I LOVE Melody Ross and Brave Girls. I have for a long time. I met Melody at Creative Connection way back in 2011, and was impressed from the get go. She is so nice and unpretentious.

One of the things on my bucket list is to go to one of her Brave Girl Camps, and although I check the dates every year, they’ve never been held at a time I could go. (Maybe this will convince me I NEED to go?)

In lieu of attending each year, I get my Brave girls messages in my inbox 4-5 days a week, follow her on Facebook, and check in on her blog from time to time.

Now she is doing a monthly Brave Girls School, and I signed up. It was kinda crazy. I really didn’t even think about it. She announced, and I signed up. No investigating what it was all about. I trusted that no matter what it was, it was bound to be amazing.

My welcome packet and 1st month’s class box arrived today.



I can hardly wait to dive in…

Given that I haven’t figured out how to get myself to actually TAKE the classes I buy, the fact that I signed up for one a month is what has me feeling like I’ve lost my mind…

But maybe since it is Melody, it will be different. Maybe.

And how this fits into the decision I made just yesterday about ditching the self-help mentality is beyond me. I guess I forgot I’d already committed to this. Oh well. I can opt out at any time. In case of it is more than I can cope with. I really am going to make myself nuts.

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  1. Lol. I caught myself doing exactly the same thing. I love her too and really got a lot out of Soul Restoration. However, I didn’t end up buying the kit. I’ll be so interested on what you think of it.


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