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Does Organizing = Purging?

So. “Organize” is my word for the year, and although I am far from being on the front page of Organizational Digest (yeah, I think I made that up, but you get my drift!) I’ve made pretty dramatic progress in some areas (not so much in others.) But by and large, I’m much more organized now than I was at the first of the year.

“Purging” was the issue that gave me the biggest challenge. I had bought into the concept that organizing = purging. In order to get organized, it was imperative that you get rid of a bunch of your precious stuff.

But why? As long as you can deal with the physics, why do you have to do that? If the addition of storage containers can keep your stuff organized and easy to find, do you really have to get rid of stuff you still like even if you haven’t used it in a long time?

I’m using this cool metal unit to store my letters. It has a lot more room in it, so if I add a bunch more, no big deal.


The cork boards behind the door also have a fair amount of space left. I can fit much more onto it before I’ll need to worry about getting rid of anything in order to add new stuff.



Likewise, the file drawers that house my stickers have enough room to add MANY more!


My ribbons are sorted by colors, and there is room in those for more varieties,


…and the same for brads.


Now my paper is a little out of control, but I’ll keep working on it. No way I’m getting rid of my paper!

Anyway, you get my point. Until there is just physically no way to add more, Why would I want to get rid of my treasures?

So. Purge is not going to be a word I will be keeping in my vocabulary.

Organize DOES NOT = purge. Yet.


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  1. I totally agree with you, and I guess that’s why I’ve turned my entire house into a craft area. I love your concept.

  2. never get rid of paper!! LOL. And I agree – organize need not equal purge

  3. You’re so funny. 🙂

  4. I wonder where you got the idea you had to get rid of your treasures??? I think most of the fun of organizing is looking at and touching all your things.


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