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Do You Have A “Go” Bag?

I like to do art on the go. Whether it’s on vacation, or just across town to my art group, I like to have a bag pretty much ready to throw in a suitcase or into the car.

It’s so hard to know what I’m going to want to do, so I like to have a variety of choices.

My little bag, the one I take on vacation, has a variety of pens, pencils, scissors (I HAVE to remember to pack it in my checked luggage – I’ve lost more than one pair because I put it in my carry on!) adhesives, a watercolor kit, a few paint brushes, some gelatos, a couple of stamps, ink – whatever I think might work for whatever projects I think I might be interested in.


My larger “go bag” is a canvas riggers bag. I LOVE it. I keep it filled with bottles of paint, a brayer, my smaller gelli plates, a book of paper, some stencils, a blow dryer, deli paper,  scissors, paper towels, baby wipes, adhesives, stamps – it’s mostly my bag for making gelli prints on the go, although it’s been expanded a bit to include things I might need for my “Documented Life Project” planner.


Then I put together a plastic project box with the papers, embellishments, punches, etc. that go with the specific project I hope to make progress on. Sometimes I lug it around for nothing, sometimes I do really well. Heeheehee!


Sometimes I wonder why I can’t just be present in the trip and forget about doing the art while we’re away, but it’s just not me. We are never on the go 24/7, and I haven’t mastered the art of doing nothing, as much as I’ve tried.

Besides, when inspiration strikes, you have to be ready for it! Right?




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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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