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Living Vicariously…

If I can’t work up the courage to submit to Stampington to try and get published, at least I can bask in the glory of my friends doing it!

My buddy, Lindsay (of Flat Fanny Fame) is in 3 (yes THREE!!!) publications this month. (I’ve also heard there is a 4th, but can’t confirm!)

She has a gallery piece in Sew Somerset, a big 7 page spread in Art Journaling for her junque journal, and a 4 page spread plus the COVER of Somerset Life.


As excited as I am to see her work in print, I can only imagine what it must be like to see your own work published like that!

I hope some of her courage in putting herself out there will rub off on me (oh, and a little of the talent, too?)

I’m really TRYING to work up the courage to submit. Maybe one of these days…


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  1. I’ve had that same dream. Then reality sets in and I realize you need REAL supplies, not crap you found in your neighbor’s dumpster. I hope you make it. I’m rooting for you. I’m also hoping the rules change, where I don’t have to use “real” or name brand products to get published.

    • You might try the “Green” magazine from Stampington – they’re big on doing what you can with recycled materials! I think you can access what they’re looking for on-line w/o having to purchase a magazine!

  2. I am chicken too! I really want to submit, especially to that new Bella Grace that sounds just up my alley, but I’m either scared of success or scared of rejection. Not sure which. What can we do to encourage each other? What have we really got to lose anyway?

    • Especially if you don’t tell anyone you’re doing it! Heeheehee. But still, it feels like I’m making myself sooooooo vulnerable. It’s something I really want to do though. Yet another thing to think hard about!

  3. I’m with Naomi, I want to submit to the new Bella Grace. It looks like an amazing magazine.

    • I bought the Bella Grace magazine. The photography is amazing. I LOVE the idea of articles about seeing the amazing in the ordinary. I just flipped through it looking at photos, but haven’t read much yet.


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