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Challenging Myself and Winning! (barely!)

Today I pushed myself to do something I wasn’t sure I could do.

I had some time to myself while my daughter and her family were at a reunion picnic for her high school graduating class.

I wanted to get out into the woods with my camera, and had no intention of doing anything big – just a leisurely stroll  out in nature with a couple of lens and some time to play, hoping I’d find something cool to photograph.

I must at some point have considered the hike all the way around Lake Siskiyou, because I wore my water hiking shoes, and took a bottle of water and some Hershey’s kisses, but 7 miles is a long ways in the mountains when you haven’t been walking more than a mile and a half down in the flatlands. I can’t believe it was an actual plan, even sub-consciously.


The Trail Association worked tirelessly for years to get a trail completed around Lake Siskiyou. We moved before it was completed, and never got around to checking it out on any of our few visits up.

So my first goal was to get to the new bridge. I looked at the map at my starting point near the chalets where we are staying and it looked doable, so I headed out. It seemed like barely a few minutes before I was there and I got (perhaps) a little over-confident.


It was then I decided to try to go all the way around.

I chatted up a couple of people on the trail who all assured me it was pretty a straight forward hike. I was mildly concerned about getting lost, since I was by myself and had never done it before, but I had my phone, a cell signal, and knew if I kept the lake on the left, I really couldn’t get too misplaced. And there were a few places I could call to have my daughter pick me up along the way should any of my parts give out. It seemed like a reasonable thing to attempt.

The views were so beautiful.

thumbrock-wThumb rock in the distance


There was one area where I could see a pretty big short-cut I could take because the water level was so low, but I didn’t take it. I wanted to feel the pride of making it the WHOLE way. In retrospect that may have been a mistake, but at the time it seemed like the right thing to do. I was feelin’ good!

By the time I saw the mountain peak out, I was pretty sure I would make it all the way.


I stopped to reapply sunscreen since it appeared I’d be out of the trees and into the sun. Imagine my surprise when I realized I’d grabbed this instead! I immediately hoped I’d used enough in the first application, as I doubt this would have helped much!


I was still feeling good as I went through the marina, but then came the campgrounds and I lost the trail. Twenty minutes were lost wandering, and by the time I got headed in the right direction, I was pretty tired and began to wonder if I’d make it. Down at the beach is the best view of the mountain, but would have cost more precious time, so I opted to head straight for the cabins and fore go the view. the My stress level went up a bit more as I realized I was about to lose power on my phone (and with it the ability to call for help.) But I didn’t give up.

I stopped and dumped the rocks out of my shoes, and pulled the heel down on my left shoe so I could avoid the rubbing that was beginning to bother me. I spent the rest of the time thinking about how proud I would be of myself when I made it all the way back to the cabin without having to be rescued. And every time I started to doubt I would, I remembered that feeling.

Soon I could hear car noises above me which told me I was getting close to Box Canyon and the final stretch (it helped to be familiar with the general area!) The trail led back up to the road at that point and I got my best view of the mountain.


I was nearly there! I had to go right by the driveway to the cabin to get to my car, and I was oh so tempted to duck in and have someone take me to my car, but again, I persevered, one foot in front of the other. When I finally saw my car, it was with very happy eyes!


A few long minutes later, I literally stumbled into the cabin and had Hannah grab me an ice cube to suck on. I was a poor dear.


I can’t remember the last time I was SOOOOO. VERY. TIRED.

And my poor foot. Grrrr-oss! I was filthy!


Andra grabbed a pot of hot soapy water for me to soak my poor tootsies in, and a bunch of Advil…

The parentals dashed off to the grown-up portion of the reunion and the girls agreed to take of Gawgs for the evening. I needed taking care of!

I treated myself to a long, hot shower and I’m finally feeling a little more human. The good thing for them is they get to veg out in front of a couple of movies, because I don’t have the energy for anything else, and to be honest, I’m good with that!

I seriously need to get out of my recliner more often!



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  1. Good for you!!! I think it’s hilarious that you took a bottle of water and hershey’s kisses. I sort of expected you to write granola bars. 🙂


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