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Never In A Million Years…

A few days ago if you had asked me if I would willingly put artificial grass in my backyard, let alone the front, I would have told you never in a million years (or at least not until I was too senile to notice!) The very thought of it conjures up visions of REALLY old people’s homes in a nasty trailer park (which is necessary for some,  I know, but not in my world just yet, anyway!)

But, because of the severe drought we are having here, I had to be open to at least thinking about it. Mr. Tattered has been making noises about switching from a front lawn to native plants and drip irrigation instead of the nice, luscious lawn we have. It took me 25 years to finally have a front lawn, and giving it up is not coming easily to me. But Mother Nature is not cooperating.

We are under water restrictions here. We can only run the sprinklers 2 days a week, and to be candid, my once beautiful lawn isn’t looking so good at the moment. The drought may be temporary, but let’s face it. We live in what was once pretty arid country. You only have to look to the golden hills surrounding us to see what land that is not irrigated looks like.

And water is becoming a precious commodity. I’m not sure pouring it on our lawns is a good use of it.

So, when Mr. Tattered mentioned checking into artificial grass before switching to native plants, I had to at least check it out.

The photos on the internet looked good, but I was skeptical that it would look that good in person.


He had a contractor come out and bring us some samples and give us an estimate. I won’t go so far as to say that I had to pretend to be open-minded about it, but I certainly felt confident I would have to fake feeling good about it.

Well, you could have bowled me over with a feather. Not only did I like it, I was ready to sign up on the spot.

The fake grass looks soooooooo real, even way up close. Each blade looks like a real blade of grass. The color is perfect, not too green, not too gray, not too yellow. There are tiny bits of brownish thatch in it. They’ve thought of everything. And it’s soft, not plastic feeling. It is SERIOUSLY amazing. I was shocked. SHOCKED, I tell you!

But now the bad news. Our HOA doesn’t allow it, no matter how good it looks. They have sent out a ballot for the community to vote on changing that, but I can’t help but believe that most people will have my “NO WAY!” attitude toward it if they aren’t familiar with the new products.

So, it looks like we’re going to do the backyard (which the HOA has no control over) and then begin lobbying…

I can’t believe that I’ve gone from nay-sayer to proponent in the space of a day. Shows what can happen when you keep an open mind to new ideas, even if you think they have no merit at first glance…



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  1. carolbray047

    You do what you have to do! Could you do desert landscaping? My parents retired to Arizonia and I always thought if I lived there, that’s what I would have.


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