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No Complaining Challenge

Do you ever see something on line, then see the same thing someplace else, then again, and start to wonder of the universe is trying to tell you something?

It happens to me a lot.

And here I am, doing my morning reading, and the “no complaining challenge” is popping up every time I turn around.

So, of course, I started investigating to see where it came from and what it is all about. I mean, I see myself as a pretty positive person, but I like to challenge myself from time to time to see if what I think about myself is true.

So. There have been numerous blogposts written about it, but as best I can tell, the challenge appears to have originated in a book called The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, by Edwene Gaines.


It’s not a new book. The copyright date is 2005. In it, the author suggests that we challenge ourselves to go on a 21 day fast from “anger, gossip, cheating, and hostility.”  Someone (I can’t tell who) has adapted that to “complaints or negative thoughts” for the purpose of the challenge I’m reading so much about right now. Or maybe I have the whole origination thing wrong. Who knows?

Anyway, for the challenge I’ve seen, and am proposing for myself, it’s not that you can’t think negative thoughts. You just can’t say them out loud. If you do, you have to start over at day one. The idea is, if you think a negative thought, or start to complain, you switch it around to a positive before you say it out loud. I guess it’s much like looking for the silver lining in the storm clouds. I think I’m pretty good at that, but I’m going to test it.

Having not read the book, I’m assuming that it’s 21 days because that is how long the experts say it takes to form a habit, so if you are conscious of what you’re saying for 21 days, it should hold over, having become a good habit.

This seems like a good challenge. I don’t need to take the time to create anything, or document anything or photograph anything. I just need to be aware of my words. Hahahaha! This may be harder done than said!

Worst case scenario, I’ll find out that I speak more negatively than I think I do. And I think it’s fixable if that turns out to be the case.

So what do you think? Wanna join me?

Side note: In researching this, the book has piqued my interest and is now on my reading list. That’s step one. Step two will be to get it on the Kindle, then (obviously) step three – actually read it! I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Wow! Love this. The other night when my daughter was not falling asleep, I was overcome with anger. I couldn’t blame HER because she was trying hard to go to sleep by lying quietly. She just couldn’t seem to drift off. I was upset at the situation, but I realized as I was scrunching up my eyebrows and clenching my jaw that my anger was doing nobody any good. I had to accept the situation and let it go. There was nowhere to let it out so I had it internally disappear. Does that count?

    • It most definitely counts that you didn’t say it, but then I think the trick is to find the silver lining? Like being grateful for that few extra minutes with her at that drowsy time when they are so yummy…or is that pushing it? Heeheehee!


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