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Happy Father’s Day!

No, you’re not the one who is messed up. It’s me. Well, us.

We are notorious for celebrating our family occasions when we are able to, rather than when the rest of you do!

Our family Christmas last year was celebrated on New Year’s Day. Our schedules are goofy, and we’ve had to adapt.

So, although Father’s Day was last week for the rest of you, ours will be this coming up Sunday.

Normally I go the store-bought card route, but now that I’m making them for other people, I thought I’d better make one for Mr. Tattered, too. He seemed to appreciate it the last time I did it (MANY years ago.) I don’t know why I didn’t continue doing it. Um, no, I do. I usually don’t think about it until the last minute, so making one isn’t an option and I’m running to the store at the last minute.

This year, I remembered. Yay, me!

Since I’m a gelli plate whacko these days, I started with a gelli plate background and built layers from there using paint, stamps, chalk, a big sticker, and some pen and ink work. It’s simple, but he’ll like it.


And, of course, the envelope needed to match!



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  1. How in the world did I get so far behind visiting you? OH, I know. Because I was in so many blog hops that required my time, and I didn’t even get everyone visited who visited me, much less my blog friends.

    First, I LOVE the female engineer post. Those gals may actually turn into engineers. I know I was one before I went to grad school. Lots of math and science, and they will be on their way. No need to learn drafting like I did, because now all those blueprints and mock-ups are computer generated.

    I was curious about the card decks. You know, I’m sure, I don’t do anything except blogging, so no Facebook for me. However, I would LOVE to learn more about it (the project, not Facebook). It might even force me to get out my gelli plate.

    Speaking of gelli plate, I love the ATCs you made, as well as the card and envie for your hubby. You go, girl.

  2. I’m thrilled that you wrote that tutorial, because this was NOT what I was thinking when I saw the altered playing cards. Somehow, I thought we would alter (for example) the ace of spades in a clever way and make it different from the 10 of diamonds, etc., with each playing card showing in the background and each altered in a different way. Thanks for clarifying my muddled mind for me. I appreciate it. It sounds interesting, but I think I’ll pass.


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