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May ATCs – Part 2

Whew! I think I can finally say I’m done. Or as done as I’m going to get.

Just in case you didn’t peek at part 1 yesterday, I used my gelli plate to lay down the background for both the base card and the flowers. I then punched the flowers with a paper punch and did some pen work on them.

The next step was adding some layers of stamping on the base card, then gluing the flowers on, adding more pen work, and chalking the edges.

My biggest problem with doing ATCs is recognizing when to quit. I can almost always see just one more little thing I should do. Then I do it and see another. It’s hard to keep in mind that every one does not need to be a masterpiece. This is an opportunity to play and have fun, and is not supposed to be a many, many hour project.




Even as I’m looking at the photos, I see a place here and there where I could add an accent.

But. I’m. Going. To. Resist. Painful as it is.

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. Love the cards! What kind of pen did you use for the white lines on the flowers?

    • Signo uni-ball. They are easier to find on-line than in stores, and there are a lot that look alike, but this one performs best, IMHO. And I’ve tried a bunch of them!


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