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Gelli Fun and Documented Life Project

I wish my art group met once a week instead of twice a month. I just LOVE have dedicated time to spend time arting with new girlfriends!

Today’s plan was to work on getting a bunch more backgrounds done for the double weekly pages, as well as the bases for the matching tip-ins. And I made great progress! I still feel a little weird that I am SOOOOOOOOO far behind. I’m actually kinda surprised I haven’t given up. But, silly me (maybe) I still think I can do it. I mean, get caught up. I have all the notes on my regular calendar, so the info is available, just not in the REAL planner.

So, I took a bunch of pictures, but I’m only going to show you one series that shows kinda where my head is going with these layouts (how funny that I’m considering them layouts – but really, it’s sorta turning into a mini scrapbook of the year, hitting the highlights!)

pagesdlp-wLooking at a 2 page layout, this is the left hand side.

6:17DPL3-wThe whole layout with the monthly calendar opened up. The right hand side of the calendar folds over to fit in the book. You can see the crease just to the right of the 19th and 26th. I fold the calendar page over from the right to the left at that point.


6:17DPL2-wFold the calendar to the left to see the front of the tip in.


6:17DPL-wThen open the tip in from left to right to see the other side. The tip in will be attached to the page with washi tape – something that will coordinate with the butterfly tape holding the calendar in.

I think I will try to complete this layout to use as a guide for the rest of the planner, before I do any more partials. Getting one completely done should help to keep my interest level up. That is assuming I like what I do, otherwise it may be the kiss of death! Heeheehee!

Anyway, I guess I’m feeling like even if the worst happens, and I DON’T get caught up, I’ve figured out what I’m doing and I’ll be able to scoot right into 2015. 2015???? How crazy is it to be thinking THAT far ahead. Although the way the year has been going so far, that will be coming around in the blink of an eye!

I love hearing from you, even if it is just to say hi, so please feel free to leave a little note…

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