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Raising Female Engineers

We need more women engineers in this country. The best way to get there is to have girls build things, as boys have for ages.

I’m loving the the Legos designed for girls. The “Friends” series built around “Heart Lake City” is a great way to get girls following directions to build all kinds of buildings in the town. There is a house, Horseback Riding Academy, Beauty Salon, Cafe, Pet Hospital, and lots more.

We’ve been building them for a couple of years, but never all at once.

For one our summer projects we decided to build a whole city at once.

We started with a painters cloth large enough to cover the table in the playroom. I drew the “heart lake” in the middle and we painted the lake blue, and the surrounding area green, with a little river running to the ocean with a little sandy area. The girls did most of the painting themselves.


When it was all dry, we moved it upstairs and they began construction on the town.

Hannah is 9 1/2 and can pretty much do it all  by herself. Bea is 6, and needs very little help. I’m kind of amazed at how well she does! It is SOOOO good for them to see the relationship of the pieces, and follow directions a step at a time.






Today we got the cafe and the beauty shop done, and they can hardly wait to start back on it in the morning!




Next up, the pet hospital and maybe the stable! They’ll keep you posted, I’m sure. They are very proud of themselves, and I’m happy that they are having fun while learning!

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  1. This is so cute! How exciting!


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