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Making The Best Of It…

My garden met with an unfortunate accident. Well, it wasn’t exactly an accident, more of an on purpose, but it was unfortunate none the less.

“Someone” got mad because I kinda let it get overgrown, and he couldn’t get around to check the drip irrigation. The next thing I knew, there were piles of greenery everywhere except where it was supposed to be. AND there was lots of vacant spots. LOTS.

I can’t even begin to tell you how seeing that effected me.


My beautiful cottage rose bush gone. My beautiful 6′ bush, gone. I was distraught. I have to say I was a bit happy when he showed me all his scratches from the thorns. The garden fought back valiantly.

But, I handled it well. For me. I pitched in and dragged the piles of debris to where they could stay until there was room in the green cans, and cut it up into manageable pieces. No screaming, no crying. I must have been in shock.


Alone in my thoughts, I began making a plan for making the best of it.

It really was overgrown. And I’d had plenty of chance to whip it into shape, but I didn’t. Come to find out, there were terrible leaks in the drip irrigation that couldn’t be seen because it was covered up. AND, the low foliage makes great hiding places for rattlesnakes (and we KNOW that can be a problem.) AND, with the water shortages California is experiencing, reducing watering is the responsible thing to do – hard to do with big old huge bushes all over.

All of those things went through my mind as I worked away. I came to the conclusion that although the way it was handled was not right, it did force me to rethink what I was doing back there.

The next day I went out again and hacked down more bushes myself. I’m actually starting to look forward to having a do-over (but don’t tell him I said so!) I really do love my stuffed-full-of-plants garden, but it IS impractical given life’s reality.

So, I’m making the best of it.

I’m going to seriously reduce the number of bushes, consolidate flowers into a smaller area, and fill in with bark – more of a traditional backyard. I’m not thrilled, but I can live with it. And who knows. Maybe it will look so good I’ll forget the circumstances of it’s demise. Okay, chances of that are a little slim, but maybe I won’t be so resentful.

Yeah, I’m thawing out already. I’ll be fine.

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  1. Gasp! Did you consider divorce? Just kidding. Respect though… I hope you told him how much it means to you and that there was another way to handle it. OMG I would have been so mad.

    • Nah, I’m kinda past that point. Whatever happens, we’re in it for the long haul. This is one of those “it is what it is” things. Regardless of how it made me feel, he felt justified (“if you really loved it, you would have taken better care of it” kinda thing…) and I’ve learned over the years that often when he behaves his very WORST, I’ve set up the conditions that allowed him to feel justified. And once he feels justified, there’s no changing his mind. I’m sure I have just as many traits that drive him insane. Or at least telling myself I do makes it easier. Yeah, I was MAD. Scary mad. But, life’s too short to stay that way.


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