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Do You Have A Plan?

The girls and I have been brainstorming about what we want the summer to look like. Do we want to have a list of goals that we want to accomplish, or just let it happen?

Initially it looks likes we may want to go with goals.

Hannah wants to learn to sew. Bea wants to make a make a book of stories I write using her sight words, and she’ll illustrate it.

They both decided to participate in the library’s summer reading program. They’ll each need to read 5 age appropriate books (which will be a piece of cake for these two!) Bea has already finished one, and Hannah is about to finish her 1st, and they’ve only been doing it for 2 days! They are both salivating over the possibility of winning a $100 Amazon gift certificate.

Hannah is so buried in her books she doesn’t even hear me when I talk to her. Left to her own devices, she’d read nothing but Harry Potter over and over and over – she’s nearly finished with book 4 for the 3rd time! But we’ve come to an agreement that of her 5 for the library project she’ll read 2 Harry Potter, The Island of the Blue Dolphins, Julie of the Wolves, and one yet to be determined. I’m sure she’ll read more Harry Potter as well, and that’s okay as long as she branches out a little, too.

Bea reads out loud, so the radio is now off in the car, and I am entertained by the sound her sweet little voice reading the “Dick and Jane” series. Remember that? They’ve re-released it into 3 books of several stories for a whole new generation. Also on her list are The Adventures of Little Bear and The Adventures of Frog and Toad, and possibly a little Amelia Bedelia. I wish there was more out there for her reading level. We’re getting out the “sight words” cards to work on in hopes she’ll be to the next level soon.

They also want to get out the Lego’s Heart Lake stuff and set up a whole town at once, with a cloth under it that we paint with a lake, green belts and streets…

And then there are the things that Gawgs will insist on, like keeping up with math skills and working on handwriting…

We’ve also got a couple of vacations scheduled.

I’m seriously wondering where the summer has gone, and it’s barely started!


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