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National Get Off Your Butt Day!

Today is National Get Off Your Butt Day! Woohoo!

Okay, so it’s not “National.” Just here at my house.

I don’t know what’s going on. For about the last four or five days, I’ve woken up much earlier than usual. Left to my own devices, with no plans, and no alarm set, I wake up between 8am-9am. Now, all of a sudden it’s before 7. Not a huge amount earlier, but how often do you suddenly find yourself with an extra hour (plus) in your day? At first I thought it was a fluke, but it’s happening every day, so it can’t be.

So what to do with it?

I could spend an extra hour on the computer, I suppose – lengthen my morning coffee/surfing time and get up and actually at it at 10am like usual. Or, I could spend the same hour or so catching up and caffeinating and get to it an hour earlier – a whole extra hour to putter around.

OR I could be really radical and actually get back to organized exercise? What? Who said that?

I’m not ready to get quite that crazy just yet, but you know what? I am going to get off my butt and do SOMETHING. I’m not going to waste that hour today. Who knows? Maybe it is all part of things lining up to get this “healthy lifestyle” going.

I know. What are the chances? But it COULD be – hope springs eternal.

Today I’m turning the music up and cleaning house. It’ll never know what hit it!


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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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