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Paper Project Day #6

Today is Day #6 of my paper project month.

I spent a bit of time adding to my DLP planner/calendar. I really like the gelli plate backgrounds I’ve laid down. I still have more to do (I’m only about half way through!) but I’ve been enjoying adding some stamping and ink work to define the calendar pages a bit. I’m looking to make them as different as possible, while keeping with my color schemes (I’m going with my beiges, browns, reds and black for most of the pages, jumping to blues/greens when we’re on the ocean!)

After sorting all my clings and clear stamps, I discovered I have LOTS of choices for styles of letters and numbers. I’m having so much fun!

Here are two pages using the same number stamps, but different looks:




It is so fun to see how a little change in design and color can change so much.

I gave Bea her “Frozen” case today.  If you want to see the front of it, the part I decorated, you can scroll down to the end of this post about “Paper Projects Galore.” She wanted me to show you what it looks like with her characters in it!


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  1. I have been unable to get online until about an hour ago, so I’m playing catch up. Chalk tape? What will they think of next? I may have to make some of my own, because it sounds like so much fun.

    You are really staying on task, and I think that’s wonderful. You go, girl! And you did a good job with the Frozen case, too.

    • Thanks, Elizabeth! I’ve had quite a few distractions this week, so I’m pleased with my productivity level. And my little one is thrilled with the case. I’m a happy Gaga.


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