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Okay, So Maybe I don’t LOVE Paper

At least not the way people who are enjoying the class so far love it.

It is probably too early to make this determination, but I’m feeling it so I’m going to share it.

You know that paper class (Paperlove) I’ve been so excited about? So far I am underwhelmed. REALLY underwhelmed. I’m thinking it probably isn’t the classes fault, it’s mine. I’m not very cultured. Seems I’m more of a beer drinker than a champagne drinker when it comes to paper. I adore scrapbook paper, but wanting to know everything about paper, how it’s made, its history, how to tell which way its grain runs? Not so much. I didn’t know this about me.

Two days in and I’m not doing the exercises. I fully intended to do them. I set aside the space and the time. But they aren’t speaking to me. In fact, they aren’t even whispering.

I’m reading the material just in case SOMETHING piques my interest. It’s probably too early to throw in the towel. But so far there is no ignition. Not even close.

There is a lot of reading material. But I’ve yawned my way through it. Barely. The main project for the week is tomorrow. I’ll know more then, but I’m telling you, it ain’t lookin’ good.

I KNOW passion when I feel it. In fact, I got a big dose of passion today in another area. But for this class so far? Not a nibble.

Bummer, huh?




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  1. I feel for you. I would probably enjoy the class for the history, but I already know how to tell the grain. It’s easy, too. Wishing you luck, because I know how excited you were about this class.

  2. I’m with ya on this one. Who knew there was so much info to learn? I really just don’t care to spend my time on what we’ve learned so far. But I think the projects will be fun.


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