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Another Organizational Treasure

In my continuing quest to get and STAY organized, and maintain a functional work space, I’ve added another treasure to my arsenal.



I found this new, but battered-looking cart at World Market.

I had seen people using the teal ones from Ikea, but teal isn’t my color, and I wasn’t relishing the idea of buying one and having to paint it. Actually, I guess I should have checked at Ikea to see if they had a white one, but, oh well. I really do love this one and if I paid too much for it, I’m okay with that. The checker at World Market scanned her 10% off coupon for me (she didn’t NEED to do that!) So at least I didn’t pay full price for it!

Anyway. Here’s the plan. I am constantly hauling my stuff out of the studio into the family gathering room, not only because I have such a small workspace in there thanks to all my piles, but because I like to be out with Mr. Tattered when I’m playing from time to time. And, yes, although the table in the studio is clear for the moment, given my history, I have to plan for it NOT to be soon. I just have to face reality, as painful as it is.

So, I’m thinking if I have a place near my work table to store all the things I use for my current project, it will save a lot of time to have in on a cart that I can wheel back and forth AND keep both the studio table and the kitchen table cleaner. Good plan? Yeah.

Now I’m wondering if I should have two, one for scrapbooking, and one for painting. Heeheehee!

And it is not lost on me that this paves the way for more space to house more stuff…I am seriously hopeless!

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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