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Progress On My Planner!

We’re at week 22 or so of the Documented Life Planner. And mine is barely started. Can you believe that? Well of course you can. It’s my MO, totally. I start out so excited, then something happens and I lose interest. Or, as in this case, something DOESN’T happen. It took me awhile to figure out why I was dragging my feet so badly.

I wasn’t happy with the weight of the paper in the planner, and I couldn’t figure out how I was going to write in it w/o the ink bleeding through the pages. I knew if it did, I would hate it and not use it, so why put all that effort into it?

Well, I FINALLY figured out that I could get a small layer of paint on the pages by using the gelli plate, and the irregular backgrounds were JUST the look I wanted.

I had time to play at my art group yesterday, so I loaded up my gelli plate, and paints, and stencils, and blow dryer, AND my planner, and tore into that puppy. I had SOOOOOOO much fun, laying down page after page after page of luscious base.













I even know where I want to go next, so this is going to get done! I’m excited again! Woohoo!



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