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It’s Almost Flat Fanny Time!

No, I’m not losing my bottom (don’t I wish!)

Flat Fanny is the brainchild of Lindsay Ostrom, one of my art buddies. She designed this precious paper doll, makes it available in a PDF, then you can download her, cut her out, paint her, chalk her or otherwise doll her up. Then you take her with you when you’re out and about this summer, and photograph her adventures, which you can share on the “Flat Fanny and Friends” Facebook Page.

It’s lots of fun, especially if you have a young-in’ or two to share it with!

This year Lindsay has updated the original Flat Fanny, and added a friend, Flat Frieda. She has a bun bun for a pal and lots of accessories.

flatfriedaFanny and Freida have a guy friend, too, Felix, and his puppy and kitty.

Last year all 3 of my kiddles made them…






And, of course, I did mine, too!


I’m  interested to see which the kids want to do this year. I think I’ll probably go with the updated Fanny. Or maybe Freida. I don’t know. I sorta like my old Fanny. Hahahaha! As you can see, I’m having a hard time making up my mind!

Check it out for yourself, and come play with us!

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