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Saying Goodbye – FINALLY!

Well, technically, National Letter Writing Month ended nearly a month ago, but I had lots of unfinished business, so in my world, it’s just closing down. Or at least it will soon. And I’ll finally be saying goodbye for the year. Although I did end up with some new friends this year that I’ll be staying in touch with. Lindsay hooked me up with a great pen pal!

Today I got back into the studio (yeah, the one I’m cleaning!) I could see the work table for the first time in I hate to say how long, so I almost hated to get it messy again. But, I promised myself I’d clean up when I was done for the day. And I kept my word.

I started some cards at my art group a week ago, so I got them out and finished up about half of them, adding a little more paint, and some pen work.  I think I have enough now to send thank yous to all the ladies who sent me mail during the month. Sending thank yous for the thank yous they sent me in response to my notes and postcards would be kinda silly, doncha think? So that makes it a little simpler.






Goal: Have them all written out and mailed on Tuesday.

I had a particularly fruitful day over and above the progress on the cards.

I spent several hours in sort mode, working my way through more piles from the studio.

Once I’d had enough of that, I made a batch of pinto beans (yum, yum!) and they are cooking away making the house smell incredible. Tomorrow I’ll make green chile enchiladas to go with them and bwa-la – dinner!


I also made an easy peasy caprice salad of fresh mozzarella, organic heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil and Italian dressing for a little snacky for Mr. Tattered.


I don’t know what got into me! Creative on SEVERAL fronts!







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  1. I can’t believe how much I have missed. I went back and read all the posts I have missed, including the organizing posts (which I admire your sticking with it), the cruise, the beautiful photos of the cruise, and the time you’ve spent putting your plan in action. Good for you. I’m super impressed. Love those thank you cards. Wish I had your talent.


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