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One of the things I like about getting organized is coming up with ways of storing things better – being able to to find ways of putting like things together in a way that makes them easier to use. And it’s even better yet if I can re-purpose something I already have.

So. I ran across this really cool case I used to use for stickers. I have long since outgrown it for it’s original purpose, but I tucked it away because I liked it, and thought just MAYBE I could come up with another way to use it.


It is a zippered case that houses 12×12 storage pages. But, instead of stickers, I realized I could use the case for clear stamps and clings. Up until now, I had been piling them in a large wooden box, but it was so hard to find what I was looking for. Putting them into the pages in an album is going to be so much more effective. I quickly realized that one case would not be enough, so I went on a search for another one. BUT, they are no longer being made, so regular retail wasn’t an option. However, eBay was, and within minutes I’d ordered one. And it is here already! Woohoo!



I still need to figure out how best to get them organized so I can easily find what I need, but that’s the fun part!

AND, I think I’ll have room to add stencils in the same containers. Okay, so organization isn’t such a bad thing.


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  1. Very clever re-purposing, Janet!

  2. I need this because what I bought for these kind of stamps as part of the scraprack system does not work. Where’d you buy?

  3. Ebay obviously, but will you email the link to me?

    • Done…I supplemented the pages I had with scrapbook pages from “Project Life.” They seem to be fine. Now whether they will hold up if I am in and out of them all the time, I don’t know. But, so far, seems like a good choice.


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