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A Surprise on the Porch

We’d been seeing birds sticking pretty close to the front porch, but hadn’t seen a nest. Usually it’s tucked up in the roof tile. This time we couldn’t see a thing.

Then Hannah said, “Look, Gaga. The birds have pooped on your wreath!”



Yuck! Chunks of it! But I couldn’t see where they’d been sitting to drop that much poop in the same place. It called for further investigation! Upon closer viewing, we realized the birds had actually built their nest inside the wreath! Clever little things. It looked just like it belonged there.


It’s empty, and we never did see any babies in it, but this nest wasn’t there when I put the wreath up in mid-January. So, I’m thinking they had their babies, and they flew the nest while we were gone!

Still can’t believe we missed it for so long. Good eye, Hannah!

Now I’m trying to figure out if I want to try to clean up the nest and salvage the wreath, or toss it. I’m thinking I won’t be able to get all the bird germs outta there!

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