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Thoughts on OO (Operation Organize!)

Even though you’re not hearing much about it, the process is continuing, and progress (slow as it is) is being made every day.

Well over half of the stuff that WAS on the living room floor has been put away, after I’ve found actual homes for it in the studio that doesn’t involve boxes of crap being stacked in corners! I’m pretty proud of myself!

As a reminder, here’s the mess when it was 1st pulled out of the studio…


And here is what is left…


There’s still a fair amount to do, but I’ve been doing a GOOD job, not just cramming things into boxes, out of side, out of mind.

Funny things are happening along the way.

Like finding the die I bought twice!


Ha! Well, if you like it enough to buy it once, isn’t it even better that you liked it well enough to buy it twice?!

And then there are the things you don’t even remember buying!


I can hardly wait to use these stamps in my planner!

And, although I said I wouldn’t, I did do just a little dawdling down memory lane! This is the article in the newspaper that Jenny Coyle did back in 1984, the year we moved our home Christmas craft show, “A Christmas Affair” to the local museum, and a year and a half before the birth of My Favorite Things, the gift shop that grew out of my love for crafting.




I would have been 32 here. Hard to believe I was EVER that young!

So, the cleaning continues…I haven’t set a goal for completion because I keep coming up with new things I want to do (like getting all my stamps organized!) I want to allow myself the freedom to do a good job over a fast one.

Besides, when this project gets completed, the garden project begins, and I’m not quite ready for that just yet!


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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. You’ve made great progress, good job!

  2. How fun to see that newspaper photo of you!


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