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Taking a Break To Art

Last week I really had my nose to the grindstone working on my hoard (as my eldest granddaughter has christened the mess in my studio!)

But on Friday I took the morning off to spend a few hours with my art group. I easily could have blown it off, but not only do I want to be supportive (I’d hate to have the group fall apart because too many people don’t MAKE the time to go) but, I worked hard all week and I deserved a little play time. I don’t give myself prizes often enough.

As it was, only 3 of us showed up, and we had a nice time. We chit-chatted while we worked (or, more appropriately, played!) so I got to know the other two ladies better, and got quite a lot done at the same time!

I took my gelli plate and worked on more cards for thank yous left to do from National Letter Writing Month. They look much like the last batch so far – still have a long way to go. I haven’t even finished the backgrounds, let alone adding stamping or pen work.


But, I played for a couple of hours, enjoying every minute of it, and that’s what’s important!

So how about you? Are remembering to give yourself little prizes when you do a good job?


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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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