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It’s Coming Together

I was starting to worry that all this stuff was just flat out NOT going to fit back into the studio in any kind of an organized fashion. But, I persevered, and it’s coming together.

Really it’s all about finding a way to cram 10# of stuff into a 5# bag, something I happen to be pretty good at!

I had a big box, not completely full, containing the memorabilia from out 1st trip to the UK.


The plan was to downsize it into a plastic project box. It didn’t look possible.


But, with a little rearranging, and tossing a few duplicate maps and brochures, I was able to cut the space it took up in half.


Done over and over again enough times, this is doable!

Obviously, I have bigger problems than just getting the room cleaned up. This box is from the year 2000, and I haven’t even BEGUN to get it in albums. Yeah, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed.

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  1. Great job. Dealing with stuff like this can be a real chore, but it’s good to see you got it done.


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