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And It Begins…

What a mess. Ready for the disaster photos? Okay I can do this. {{{Swallowing my pride…}}}






Well. A little less of one now than it was before. There is SOME order being restored. But it’s one of those things where it has to look worse before it looks better. Now all (or most anyway) of the mess is in the living room…


…and you can actually see the floor in the studio.


I decided that with the time constraints I have, clearing the room out completely was impractical. So, I’m mostly sticking with the existing furniture placement (although I did add one tall cabinet and move another.) Bea said, “Gaga you’re stronger than you look like you are!” I’m going to take that as a compliment.

I’m also going to avoid emptying all the existing containers just now. They are relatively organized already, and I’ll further refine them if there is time.

Hannah took one look at the living room and said, ” So now the whole house is a hoard?” Gotta love my girls!

Today I got all the magazines and art papers sorted and put away. Tomorrow I’ll start on all the little stuff. I’ve gone from being scared to a little excited! Who knows what fun stuff I’m going to find!?




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  1. Love it. Keep trudging. It will come together and be easier to use.

  2. Yeah!!! Cleaning out the craft room is kinda like treasure hunting! You’re making great progress! ♥

  3. OK will post some pictures of my much bigger mess late to make you feel super organized!


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